Project Self-Expression: New Blog!

Hiiii and welcome to my brand new lifestyle blog! I’m starting this blog as a part of my self-expression project! I’m completely nervous about posting my thoughts and opinions for all of you to see but hey, that’s just part of being an introvert…I’m trying to get over it!


I’ve always wanted to write a blog and now I’ve finally done something about it. As you might notice as time goes by, sometimes I’m a bit slow to start something new – or then I might start something but forget about it in the next minute – but I’m hoping this’ll keep me active and interested for years to come.

I love fashion, art, books, and design and I’m gonna try to incorporate all of those in this blog. I tend to take all the photos on this blog myself unless otherwise mentioned. Hopefully I’ll also be able to showcase my illustrations and other projects to you later on!

This little Polyvore set was basically just me brainstorming ideas for a party outfit for the coming Thursday when my uni subject organization is having a Christmas party (I revised an old set) . I can’t wait to see all my friends and go out!

Saturday Night Kisses

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