Clothes Envy

I don’t know about you but I get major clothes envy very easily. All it takes is someone relatively cool or chic looking walking past me and I want to basically rip their clothes off their back. I can’t help it – I love clothes too much. I don’t think too many people would go so far as to call me fashionable since I don’t follow trends a lot but I do think I dress well nonetheless. I tend to switch between very classic pieces (imagine Audrey Hepburn) and very casual bohemian pieces.

Recently I held a Clothes Swap party for a few friends and one them commented how I seem to have a huge variety of clothes. No wonder most of them managed to find at least something from my give-away pile that they liked. Swapping old clothes and getting some closet space was my main goal when I decided to throw the party but it also gave me a huge itch to buy new clothes. Instead I decided to channel that energy into my old Polyvore account and I ended up making some new fashion sets and updating a few older ones.

What do you think?

Pink dreamland

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