Trip to England Part 1

I recently went to England for a study trip with a group from my university and I thought I’d share some memories from the first part of the trip which took place in London. After the three days that we spent in London we took a bus to Stratford and did a Shakespeare and theater -course while living in a cute little b&b. I’ll make a post about that later as well.

In London we had a relatively free schedule, which enabled me to meet my friend and hit the Harry Potter studios…and it was brilliant! I loved every bit of it – all the props, sets, and costumes looked fabulous. I think my favorite part was seeing Luna’s costumes and Umbridge’s office.
In addition to Harry Potter studios I managed to do some shopping, a trip to a museum, and see three Shakespeare plays. The plays were amazing, especially Macbeth and Midsummer night’s dream, which we saw at the Globe theater. I don’t think I’ve ever understood or appreciated Shakespeare so well.

oxford street    underground

me and a harry potter bus    3750c22b-ad74-4b93-b889-206c0e15ad66

I realized during these days how much I had missed the busy streets, the friendly people and, of course, the drool-worthy accent since my last trip to London.

All in all, the first part of the trip was —-




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