Trip to England Part 2

After the London part of my study trip we headed to Stratford where we ended up seeing four different plays (all of them amazing). There I also got to see the fabulous David Tennant – drooool – I think I got way over excited but really — can you blame me?


It was strange to be in a town where the stores close already around 4 pm. After the first few days we had explored the whole town and didn’t have much else to do except to eat dinner at a pub (which was closer to our student budget than any proper restaurant) and wait for the theater performance to start. It was a lovely trip nonetheless, and we even managed to snap pictures with a few actors on our last evening there.    1

Our last day in England was spent at the Warwick castle – and getting scared in a tower (or more specifically, getting scared while walking the stairs inside one of the towers)…This was because of a fire alarm and an announcement to empty the premises immediately. Luckily we were allowed back inside soon enough and the trip wasn’t a total bust.

And now I can start saving up for my next trip!


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