Color Palette: Golds and Nudes

For some reason I seem to love golds, nudes and beige even though with my deathly pale complexion I should never use them (they make me look too flushed out)…So, once again, I put my frustration and inspiration into Polyvore designs instead of actually wearing those colors.

I feel like my inherent problem with fashion and especially things that are “in style” is that the items usually look forced and strange on me. That’s not to say I don’t find many of those clothes pretty and even comfortable but they just don’t suit me. I feel awkward in things I have bought from a store just because I saw something exactly like it in a magazine and thought it looked somehow cool. This might mean I’ve bought something in a color that looks good on paper but just doesn’t suit my complexion. Or something that has an intriguing silhouette but looks either too boxy or too flowy on me.

What do you think about nudes and shades of gold? Hard to wear or totally awesome? I certainly wish I could pull off those clothes but for now I’ll just settle for admiring them.


Golden resort

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