Pre-Christmas Vacation

Last week I decided to visit my high school friend, Vanessa, in Turku and spend the entire weekend with her. I took a train to her place and already on the first day there we managed to do all our Christmas shopping, go for coffee, attend a traditional Russian Christmas party and go to an Irish pub to listen to both live Irish songs as well as Christmas carols. It was a hectic day but I haven’t felt so stress-free in a long time. I had forgotten what it feels like not to have a million school and work project weighing on your shoulders all the time. We had planned to finish up some of our last school projects on Sunday and somehow managed to do them quickly and efficiently. Even though we weren’t working alone, it was so much easier to do the projects with someone there to help come up with new ideas. I guess a fresh pair of eyes and a new outlook was all we needed to get things done. While there, I took some photos of Vanessa’s room because she has some of the cutest artwork and prettiest things there. Also, I just adore how eclectic her bedroom looks.




  1. Aww, Laura, that’s so nice! 😀 And the pictures came out great. I also noticed that the picture of the wonky clock from the bar is featured on instagram. 🙂

    1. Thanks, I think your fabulous room is to thank for the great pic tho’ 🙂 I might add a few more pics on instagram later but yes, had to put the clock-pic right away, it was so funny ^^

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