My Christmas

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We managed to have several Christmas parties with friends before coming to my mom’s house but now the Christmas exhaustion and general relaxation is starting to set in and we can’t do anything else except sleep, eat and watch movies. Perfect holiday I’d say.My Christmas is being spent at my mom’s house with my boyfriend – although we did also have an early Christmas dinner with his family during the weekend because we can’t be with them now. We have a tradition of eating a huge dinner, watching Jiminy Cricket’s Christmas special on television and then opening all the presents around the Christmas tree. Naturally, my mom decided Christmas would be a perfect time to embarrass me in front of my boyfriend by showing home videos of me as a baby. I guess embarrassing moments belong to any big family events.

How are all of you spending Christmas?

favorite presents:

  • Jak and Daxter ps3 games
  • lovely jewelry
  • good times with friends and family

best memories:

  • playing a role-playing game with family
  • eating Christmas dinner
  • watching home videos

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