Quick Update

As you might’ve seen on Instagram, we have a new addition to our little household: Sami the cat! We don’t know how long we get to keep him but he’s at least for now getting well-adjusted to living with us. Even though sometimes he’s completely daft, he’s also really adorable!


In other news, my boyfriend Ari had his 26th birthday yesterday and we got a celebratory bottle of champagne to share. Otherwise our celebration consisted of a meeting for BTSB. We did have a proper party last weekend though, which was an absolute blast!

2014-01-22-0751_Q1      2014-01-21-0737_Q1     2014-01-23-0757

http://www.hm.com/fi/product/21514?article=21514-C         29,95 €

Also, I had the pleasure of connecting with an old high school friend yesterday, who is temporarily back from her exchange year in Chile. Before grabbing a coffee with my friend Maria, I went to drool over this blazer. It’d be perfect for job interviews and other meetings that require a bit more professional attire.

It was so great catching up with Maria – it’s hard when one of your best friends is so far away for such a long time! (Btw, go check out her blog about her exchange year experiences here.)

That was my news for now but stay tuned for info on my new article for BTSB as well as some posts about my house/interior design!



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