A Peak Into My Bag

a peak into my bag2

1. My Tiimari pencil case (a mere 2 euros that one)

2. A bright Marie Claire wallet from a Asia’s biggest mall in Indonesia

3. Another product from Indonesia (ITC): my make-up bag

4. A Doctor Who day planner for 2014 (one of my favorite purchases this winter) which you can buy here

5. my (also pink) bus card

6. a key to my house (duh)

7. My red Nokia 700 phone

8. An old Creative Zen Mozaic mp3 player

9. Slayer Slang by Michael Adams (research for my BA thesis)

10. a pink coin purse which I got from my friend as a present



  1. Oh my goodness. Just, wow…Can we be friends? I might be going to maybe (probably) buy that Doctor Who planner… It looks like there is so much inside that little book- be honest, is it bigger on the inside? And is your thesis on Buffy? There is just so much excitement going on in this post!
    So yeah, seriously, can we be friends?
    (oh, and welcome to the HCBN! I’m also new)
    Ingrid @ smilingridm.blogspot.com

    1. Let me start by saying: YES, let’s be friends! πŸ˜€ You should definitely buy the planner; it has been a life saver. It’s really spacious – yes, bigger on the inside – and has tons of great pictures from season 7. And glad you like my thesis topic – it certainly got a few laughs in my thesis group πŸ˜‰

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