February Update: Her Campus, the Cutest Boy and a Kittycat

I’ve been a busy little bee again (not only because I have an exam tomorrow, yikes!) with all my blog drafts, BTSB articles/meetings, school work and actual writing work for Lukufiilis (a literature magazine for teens which comes out four times a year).

The exciting new is this: I got accepted into the Her Campus Blogger Network! How great is that?! Everyone in the network has been super nice and welcoming. I couldn’t ask for more.

Also I have to share these pictures with you guys:


Isn’t that first one pretty much the cutest boy ever? I found that picture of my boyfriend Ari as a kid from his grandmother’s house. Later during this week I’ll post some pictures I took there. My boyfriend’s grandmother has the coziest house! We also went to say hi to Sami the cat who was our little house guest for a few weeks before going back to Ari’s grandmother. The third picture above is of me and my friend Dani at a party I threw at my place over the weekend. We had such a blast, it was great to take a short break from all the school work I have to get done.


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