Valentine’s Day Extravaganza


IMG_5230 (2)     IMG_5237 (2)

Me and my boyfriend Ari actually ended up spending Valentine’s Day the day after Valentine’s Day because we were both exhausted on Friday after a long week. We had decided already in advance that we’d book a table at one of the most charismatic restaurants in Helsinki – Cantina West. It’s a huge Mexican restaurant that has delicious foods and where all the waiters wear stetsons. I ended up having probably the healthiest thing they had on menu – a chicken salad with lots of fruit – while Ari opted for one of their famous burgers. After stuffing our faces (yes, it was extremely romantic), we headed for coffee since we had some time to kill before a movie. We had bought tickets to see Philomena, one of the Oscar nominated films. I thought it was a really touching and at times even hilarious film – even though it was a drama. For some reason, lately I’ve been watching a lot of movies that make me cry like a little baby and this, at times, was one of those kinds of movies. Nonetheless, it was a great date movie (I definitely recommend it to everyone) because of the lack of action and more importantly because of the outstanding performances by both Dame Judi Dench and Steve Coogan.

2014-02-15-0798               2014-02-15-0785              2014-02-15-0781_Q1




    1. Thank you, lovely! It was a great day, it was nice seeing some effort on making a proper date happen instead of just watching a movie at home (not that that isn’t fun too).

      1. Haha I can definitely understand that! I tend to do a lot more movie watching than proper dates so those are always so great when you actually have the time for them! Glad you had fun!

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