My current goals

laurakurkiEveryone has certain goals in life – but whether those are a career in something they are passionate about, marrying the dream guy or staying in touch with all your friends, it depends on the person. I wanted to share with you my current goals for the near future. Maybe if they’re out there for all the world to see I’ll be more inclined to do something about them.

It’s hard trying to stick to your dreams and continue trying to fulfill them when you’re constantly swamped with school and work. One thing that can help is drawing up a list of your goals and commit to fulfilling maybe three of them in a year. This way you won’t feel like you have to have time to do everything but you’ll still feel satisfied about having followed through with some of your goals at the end of the year.
My goals for the next few years are:

  • learn how to use InDesign
  • go to an actual photography course
  • travel as much as possible
  • do an internship
  • graduate with BA (this is SO close already!) and MA
  • start writing more actual letters
  • keep better contact with those friends who live abroad
  • draw/write/craft more
  • stop being so lazy (seriously!)
  • exercise more – and get better/more flexible in yoga!
  • drink more water (I don’t know why I have such unhealthy eating/drinking habits)
  • I know how to use Photoshop but I want to learn it better
  • I’d like to do a course or in general study a bit about marketing/advertising/copy-writing/publishing
  • I’d love to do volunteer work abroad at some point
  • continue growing and developing this blog

These are just some of my goals and I’m sure I won’t follow all of them but I’ll definitely try.

What are some of our dreams and goals? I’d love to hear about them and about your progress!



  1. You go, girl! These are awesome and I know you can do them! If you’d like a pen pal, let me know- real actual letters are my jam! I wrote back and forth with my uncle and it is one of the best parts of me week 🙂

    1. 😀 Thanks, I’ll definitely try! And excuse me but are you reading my mind or something?! I was just thinking yesterday that I want to get some new pen pals and was going to post something along those lines on the blog next week 😀 I used to have so many pen pals but now during university I haven’t really written with anyone. I’ll send you a message about it on fb tomorrow – gotta head to our English student organization’s anniversary dinner now 😀

    1. Thanks! I haven’t really thought what would be the best – maybe teaching English somewhere since I’m an English major. But other types of volunteering would be okay as well. I have to look into it more after I get my BA done 🙂

      1. Almost same here, I’m getting my BA done and only then start thinking about the future. 😉 I feel like it’s too frustrating for me to do both at once now;D

        1. In my books, it’s always a good thing to put your studies first. Sometimes I feel like I’ve piled on too many things on top of my thesis writing but I am still trying to keep it as my main focus. Good luck with you BA! 😀 It’s hard work but it’ll be so great to get it done 😀

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