My Outfit of the Day: Headed to a Party

Last weekend I attended our English student organization’s anniversary dinner party. The dress code has been under a lot of debate during my time at the university and no one ever seems to know whether to opt for a proper evening gown or a nice cocktail dress. Last year I chose the evening gown but this year – partly because of the snow storm outside – I went with a cocktail dress that I hadn’t really worn before that.

It was a good choice because it allowed plenty of movement but was still dressy enough for the occasion. I also like to think that it went well with my red hair. 😀 I accessorized with a pair of turquoise drop earrings and a pair of denim ballerinas (I needed comfy shoes so it didn’t matter that they didn’t match the cocktail dress perfectly).

IMG_5331 IMG_5340


This is my first OOTD post…how’d I do? What’s the last time you had to wear a fancy dress? (I for one don’t get enough of those occasions.)



  1. I love your dress and your hair color (which I don’t think I’ve commented on yet? Either way, it’s lovely!) Major thumbs up for your first outfit post! 😀

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