Midsummer Cabin Trip

I wanted to share a few pictures from my midsummer weekend’s trip to a friend’s cabin: here in Finland, midsummer is usually a big celebration and we decided to celebrate by taking a trip with friends. The weather has been quite bad for a while now but we didn’t let that stop us and instead packed up food and clothes and ended up spending a long weekend by the sea.

20140620_201618      20140621_145931

The radiators weren’t working so we mostly relied on a fire to keep us warm, which actually made it quite nice and cozy.


Barbecuing was obviously something we had to do and same went for the sauna. Somehow the rain and wind didn’t seem as bad after the hot sauna and a steak with corn and salad.

20140621_210929     20140621_213038

How has everyone else’s vacation gone so far? I’m making the most out of these little weekend trips and hangouts with friends in the midst of my summer work.



  1. This looks like so much fun! Happy belated midsummer! (Is that how you say that? Merry? Happy? Oh, I don’t know 😋)

    1. Yikes, I’m so behind on answering these comments (and doing my normal posts) :/ It was super fun! I guess happy Midsummer would be the correct one? I don’t even know 😛 But thank you!!

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