Introducing Merlin: Our New Kitten


If you’ve followed my Instagram and/or Twitter, you know that we recently (less than two weeks ago, in fact) got a little kitten, who at the time was only 12 weeks old. We named the little guy Merlin and he is officially the cutest fur ball EVER. He is light orange with tiger stripes and, even though he was very shy at first, he has turned into a very sociable and cuddlesome kitty.


Merlin has already started to recognize his name and about half the time he even listens to the word “NO!” He cried a lot during the first days but now has settled down and accepted that there’s no use running away from the people who provide the food three times a day. He has had his first vaccinations and is a healthy kitten all around.

Things we have learned so far:

  • It’s good to have several drinking places because cats don’t always recognize their thirst and might not otherwise drink enough.
  • Kittens might seem to completely forget how to walk when you put a harness on for the first time (WARNING: you might actually die of laughter just watching your kitten wobbling around trying to learn how to walk again).
  • Milk might actually cause stomach problems for cats.
  • Get a climbing/scratching tree as soon as possible if you want to save your furniture.
  • Some cats are clearly entertained by the sight of their owner picking up poop from the litter box (maybe it’s a power kick for them).

More updates on Merlin later – that’s guaranteed!


8 Surprising Things I’ve Learned About Cats


IMG_4964 2I thought I’d share with you a few things I learned while taking care of this little kitty mister, Sami, you see lying around here on the carpet. These are things I knew, things I learned and things I wish I knew (because they really freaked me out). Now Sami has gone back to its real owner but we are considering getting our own cat.

  • Cats’ nails grow also in girth, not just length, and this cause bits of the nail fall off so that the new nails has room to grow. I didn’t know this and hence thought Sami was ill or hurt when we started finding the outer layers of his nails around the house. Apparently this is one of the reasons why cats claw furniture (so not only the sharpening)
  • Their whiskers can fall off as well. So basically your cat can have bits falling from it but it’s not necessarily anything to be alarmed about 🙂
  • No matter how you think they won’t be able to jump to the highest of your closets, THEY WILL! It’s kind of insane how agile they are. Amazing jumping abilities…
  • Even the cats that seem picky about their food WILL eat if you stick to routines and feed them only at certain times and only proper cat food. Spoiling them rotten will help no one.
  • The occasional psychotic attack seems to be completely normal.
  • Even the most antisocial cats do enjoy being at least near their humans – not too close, but not too far either!
  • Catnip toys will only work for so long! After a while major boredom will ensue.
  • Even the chunky and antisocial ones like to show off their bellies (as is proven by the picture above)