OOTD: Turquoise T-Shirt and Graffiti Joggers

Untitled design (1)

Even though you can’t see it (because I felt like playing with black and white effects ;P ), my jacket is bright green and the T-shirt is turquoise. I felt like the pants needed some brightening up with colors since they are grey with black text on them. I love these pants; I got them in Tallinn and they are probably the comfiest pair I own. The jacket was from H&M a few years ago (on sale, 10 euros) and the pants are from Reserved.


My Outfit of the Day: Classy Casual

Outfit of day: a classy but nonetheless casual ensemble for a coffee date with a friend. I didn’t want to overdress but I wanted to look nice.

IMG_5322  IMG_5316

My Outfit of the Day: Headed to a Party

Last weekend I attended our English student organization’s anniversary dinner party. The dress code has been under a lot of debate during my time at the university and no one ever seems to know whether to opt for a proper evening gown or a nice cocktail dress. Last year I chose the evening gown but this year – partly because of the snow storm outside – I went with a cocktail dress that I hadn’t really worn before that.

It was a good choice because it allowed plenty of movement but was still dressy enough for the occasion. I also like to think that it went well with my red hair. ūüėÄ I accessorized with a pair of turquoise drop earrings and a pair of denim ballerinas (I needed comfy shoes so it didn’t matter that they didn’t match the cocktail dress perfectly).

IMG_5331 IMG_5340


This is my first OOTD post…how’d I do? What’s the last time you had to wear a fancy dress? (I for one don’t get enough of those occasions.)

What to Wear to a Wedding: Style Guide

What to Wear


  • the first dress I love and it would’ve been appropriate for the wedding (it’s modest but stylish)
  • the second dress I decided against because I felt I would’ve looked like I was part of the wedding – so this style would be great for a bridesmaid or a flower girl but maybe not a guest
  • this last dress I like and it would’ve also been appropriate but since it is winter right now I wanted to go with a more colorful dress

So in the end I went with this bright red short dress, which I got from Mango in Indonesia. I covered up with a cute but edgy blazer from Fashion Union.

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Four Valentine’s Day Looks Under 100$

Valentine's Outfits

1. Classy for a restaurant

Red bodycon mini skirt 5,47$ Karma Clothing & Pearl collar t-shirt 45$ Oasis

2. Comfy for a movie night

boyfriend low jeans 39,95$ H&M & AE Chunky sweater 29,95$ AE

3. Romantic for a coffee date

Love to Lounge Pullover 22,80 $ Forever21 & Blush Tea Length Tulle Skirt 36,90$ Windsor Store

4. Sexy for clubbing

Leopard print cami top 29,54$ Jane Norman & Short faux leather skirt 24,95$ H&M

Quick Update

As you might’ve seen on Instagram, we have a new addition to our little household: Sami the cat! We don’t know how long we get to keep him but he’s at least for now getting well-adjusted to living with us. Even though sometimes he’s completely daft, he’s also really adorable!


In other news, my boyfriend Ari had his 26th birthday yesterday and we got a celebratory bottle of champagne to share. Otherwise our celebration consisted of a meeting for BTSB. We did have a proper party last weekend though, which was an absolute blast!

2014-01-22-0751_Q1      2014-01-21-0737_Q1     2014-01-23-0757 ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†29,95 ‚ā¨

Also, I had the pleasure of connecting with an old high school friend yesterday, who is temporarily back from her exchange year in Chile. Before grabbing a coffee with my friend Maria, I went to drool over this blazer. It’d be perfect for job interviews and other meetings that require a bit more professional attire.

It was so great catching up with Maria – it’s hard when one of your best friends is so far away for such a long time! (Btw, go check out her blog about her exchange year experiences here.)

That was my news for now but stay tuned for info on my new article for BTSB as well as some posts about my house/interior design!

Detective Work

I have been watching several teen shows from beginning to end now that I have had vacation and just more free time in general. One show that I got particularly addicted to is Veronica Mars. I know it was a big hit when it came out but for some reason I never started to watch it…until now!

I have to say that Veronica is one of my favorite female leads in television: she’s spunky, determined, doesn’t mind bending the rules every once in a while, works as a detective, and still manages to keep up with school. (Also, I’m incredibly jealous of her camera…)

She also seems to have a casual but cool fashion sensibility – just what I like in a girl. I wish I had her wardrobe, it’d be perfect for me. Alas, I can’t have it – but that didn’t stop me from whipping up a polyvore set in her honor!

Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars is also going to hit the big screen soon so look out for that!

Color Palette: Golds and Nudes

For some reason I seem to love golds, nudes and beige even though with my deathly pale complexion I should never use them (they make me look too flushed out)…So, once again, I put my frustration and inspiration into Polyvore designs instead of actually wearing those colors.

I feel like my inherent problem with fashion and especially things that are “in style” is that the items usually look forced and strange on me. That’s not to say I don’t find many of those clothes pretty and even comfortable but they just don’t suit me. I feel awkward in things I have bought from a store just because I saw something exactly like it in a magazine and thought it looked somehow cool. This might mean I’ve bought something in a color that looks good on paper but just doesn’t suit my complexion. Or something that has an intriguing silhouette but looks either too boxy or too flowy on me.

What do you think about nudes and shades of gold? Hard to wear or totally awesome? I certainly wish I could pull off those clothes but for now I’ll just settle for admiring them.


Golden resort
Golden resort by cappuccinocorner featuring a mini dress