OOTD: Turquoise T-Shirt and Graffiti Joggers

Untitled design (1)

Even though you can’t see it (because I felt like playing with black and white effects ;P ), my jacket is bright green and the T-shirt is turquoise. I felt like the pants needed some brightening up with colors since they are grey with black text on them. I love these pants; I got them in Tallinn and they are probably the comfiest pair I own. The jacket was from H&M a few years ago (on sale, 10 euros) and the pants are from Reserved.


OOTD: the Beatles T-Shirt and a Vest

I thought it’s time for another outfit-post 🙂 This time I donned on my Beatles T-shirt because I just finished an intensive course on the band and felt inspired to dig this shirt out from my closet. I paired the shirt with a nice gray vest and black jeans. And now for the first time you can also see me with my glasses; I don’t wear them too often because I usually only need them for seeing the blackboard when I’m the back row in class.

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OOTD: Dungarees and a Leather Jacket

Finally my last exam is over (now just two essays, thesis, and a presentation left) so I have more time to blog! 😀 I thought I’d start with a my outfit of the day: Now that the weather has improved by about 100% and it’s clearly Spring, I wanted to get a new pair of dungarees. I found these really nice ones from H&M for only 30 €. I paired them with a pink T-shirt and my boyfriend’s mom’s old leather jacket (because it’s not quite warm enough yet to go without one).

IMG_5432     IMG_5420

My Outfit of the Day: Classy Casual

Outfit of day: a classy but nonetheless casual ensemble for a coffee date with a friend. I didn’t want to overdress but I wanted to look nice.

IMG_5322  IMG_5316

My Outfit of the Day: Headed to a Party

Last weekend I attended our English student organization’s anniversary dinner party. The dress code has been under a lot of debate during my time at the university and no one ever seems to know whether to opt for a proper evening gown or a nice cocktail dress. Last year I chose the evening gown but this year – partly because of the snow storm outside – I went with a cocktail dress that I hadn’t really worn before that.

It was a good choice because it allowed plenty of movement but was still dressy enough for the occasion. I also like to think that it went well with my red hair. 😀 I accessorized with a pair of turquoise drop earrings and a pair of denim ballerinas (I needed comfy shoes so it didn’t matter that they didn’t match the cocktail dress perfectly).

IMG_5331 IMG_5340


This is my first OOTD post…how’d I do? What’s the last time you had to wear a fancy dress? (I for one don’t get enough of those occasions.)