Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Style Guide

After I did the post about Sookie’s style, I wanted to do another fandom style post but this time with Buffy. I love 90s fashion and I think a lot of the outfits in BtVS are really cute. Nonetheless, I felt I needed to narrow my focus so I chose the college years (starting from season 4 of BtVS) where Buffy and Willow’s style evolved and matured from the first seasons.

Buffy and Willow: the College Years


Both Buffy and Willow wore a lot of skirts in college, Willow favoring maxis while Buffy opted mostly for ankle length and midi skirts. Buffy still liked to wear leather and Willow hadn’t ditched her signature quirky outfits either – they simply matured and made them more college appropriate. Both seemed to also like floral patterns and bright colors, which I personally love 🙂

Classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer


I also thought I’d add here a traditional Buffy outfit, which I’m fully intending to do for Halloween some year!


Vintage Buffy: My Favorite BtVS Moments

In honor of my (finally) complete thesis paper on the adorkable Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer I wanted to make a post celebrating my favorite things throughout the show. Willow’s character has been one of my greatest inspirations ever since I was – I can’t believe I’m even using this word – a tween, and the show is and always will be one of my favorites. There are so many amazing things about the show but I ended up narrowing it down to 10 of my (current) favorites represented by these awesome gifs.

1. Angel and Buffy’s relationship: it was such an emotional roller-coaster and I loved their chemistry.


2. Buffy’s training: I always thought it was cool when they showed Buffy doing martial arts in slow motion or during her training – it was easier to appreciate it than during an intense and fast-paced fight scene.


3. Buffy’s sass. Enough said.


4. Spike: just look at that smirk 😀 He’s one of my favorite characters and I though it was great when he started being one of the Scoobies.


5. Willow becoming a goddess: finally she got over all the darkness and pain, and became the great good witch that we all knew she was deep down inside!


6. Tara: anything with Tara is my favorite part of the show. Seriously. Anything.


7. Faith being all evil during season 3: she was the character I loved to hate.


8. Anya and Xander: they were perfect together and I was so brokenhearted when they split up 😦


9. More Willow: I loved seeing Willow do big spells – she was so bad-ass!


10. Everyone dancing and having fun at Bronze: sometimes there were happy moments without stress, evil, or vampires. Those moments showed the tight bond that the characters had outside all of the slaying business.


Pretty Little Liars Style – Emily Fields

Who else here loves Pretty Little Liars?

Pretty Little Liars cast

I started watching Pretty Little Liars when it was already on its second season and I became obsessed. I find it exciting, sometimes downright scary, emotional and thrilling. It manages to surprise over and over again, which is something that not a lot of shows do anymore. I also love the different personalities of the girls, my favorites being Emily and Spencer (it’s scary how much I can usually relate to Spencer with her obsessiveness). I also like the fashion of the show; I could raid the closets of all the characters.

Pretty Little Liars Style - Emily Fields

I especially love Emily’s clothes because in my eyes they’re the perfect cross between pretty and comfortable. She manages to look perfectly polished in very casual clothes, which is quite a talent. I think I’m going to try to incorporate a look like this into my summer wardrobe 🙂

What do you like about PLL? And omg, how did you feel about the final? I was shocked (and hooked…)

Ultimate Geek Goddesses

Geek Goddesses

Here’s a tribute to those geeky gals of Hollywood who inspire me daily!

1. Alyson Hannigan: This lovely actress first appeared on my radar as Willow Rosenberg, Buffy’s witchy friend on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Those of you who have been following my blog for a longer time might remember that I’m doing my thesis on Willow, which has been a pretty fun experience so far (well, as much fun as a stressful and difficult project like a thesis can ever be). Now Alyson has been entertaining audiences as Lily in How I Met Your Mother. She was also a part of the American Pie movies. Anyone who watches Alyson longer will not be able to resist her charm and contagious smile. She broke ground with Amber Benson in Buffy by showing a loving and long-lasting lesbian relationship on prime-time television.

2. Ellen Page: This funny gal has been in everything from Juno to Inception. She recently took a heroic stand against the pressures of Hollywood and came out as a lesbian. She excels in comedy as well as drama and looks cute as a button. What’s not to like? She’s also a feminist who does yoga and mediates regularly – something to aspire to. I can’t wait to see her in action in the new X-Men movie!

3. Amber Benson: Another member of the Buffy family. Amber portrayed Tara – Willow’s wiccan girlfriend who died tragically and left Willow brokenhearted. Amber is not only a great actress but also a prolific fantasy author with over a dozen books under her belt. She also did a small role in Supernatural – something she has in common with the lovely Felicia Day.

4. Zooey Deschanel: Zooey captured everyone’s hearts in (500) Days of Summer and now keeps us laughing with her portrayal of Jess in New Girl. Some of you might also remember her from things like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (one of my favorite books!) and Almost Famous. If her last name sounds familiar, it might be because her older sister Emily stars in the hit show Bones. Zooey is also a singer and a song-writer and she sings in many of her movie and television roles. Her huge eyes, signature bangs and penchant for vintage clothing make her even more memorable!

5. Emma Stone: Easy A, The Amazing Spider-man, The Help, and more…Emma Stone is a hilarious comedienne who has shown she’s not afraid of drama and tough issues. The funny redhead has won several awards and is on the way to becoming a superstar. She’s not afraid to be silly and has commendably stayed out of tabloids. Currently dating actor Andrew Garfield, Emma seems to be one of the most down to earth girls in Hollywood.

6. Felicia Day: The ultimate geek goddess. Felicia Day is a true gamer girl and the creator of several web series, the most famous being The Guild, which garnered a huge fan base during its six seasons. She has since appeared as a guest in several episodes of Supernatural and Outlands. And who could ever forget her short but memorable stunt as a potential Slayer in Buffy. Yes, another Buffy alumna. Felicia should be celebrated not only because of her talent but also because of her clear dedication to the geek cause and to her fans. She is a regular in different cons and always clearly excited to be there.

Detective Work

I have been watching several teen shows from beginning to end now that I have had vacation and just more free time in general. One show that I got particularly addicted to is Veronica Mars. I know it was a big hit when it came out but for some reason I never started to watch it…until now!

I have to say that Veronica is one of my favorite female leads in television: she’s spunky, determined, doesn’t mind bending the rules every once in a while, works as a detective, and still manages to keep up with school. (Also, I’m incredibly jealous of her camera…)

She also seems to have a casual but cool fashion sensibility – just what I like in a girl. I wish I had her wardrobe, it’d be perfect for me. Alas, I can’t have it – but that didn’t stop me from whipping up a polyvore set in her honor!

Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars is also going to hit the big screen soon so look out for that!