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Traveling to Tallinn


This week I traveled to Tallinn with my boyfriend’s mom who was kind enough to take me there 🙂 I’ve been to Tallinn many times but it still hasn’t lost its charm – especially the Old Town, which is as beautiful as ever. Our hotel was right in the middle of the Old Town so we had all the amazing restaurants and little boutiques nearby.

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Our first night we went to a Russian restaurant Troika, which has great traditional Russian foods (the salmon I would recommend to everyone; the restaurant is on the edge of the town square in Old Town). Our hotel breakfast was in a traditional Estonian restaurant that was next to our hotel (St. Petersbourg).

Most of my shopping was done in Viru Keskus, which is a huge mall with tons of fashionable (and cheap) stores. I found some great items from the summer sales.

I will soon be posting more photos from the trip as well as a haul post so stay tuned!

Midsummer Cabin Trip

I wanted to share a few pictures from my midsummer weekend’s trip to a friend’s cabin: here in Finland, midsummer is usually a big celebration and we decided to celebrate by taking a trip with friends. The weather has been quite bad for a while now but we didn’t let that stop us and instead packed up food and clothes and ended up spending a long weekend by the sea.

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The radiators weren’t working so we mostly relied on a fire to keep us warm, which actually made it quite nice and cozy.


Barbecuing was obviously something we had to do and same went for the sauna. Somehow the rain and wind didn’t seem as bad after the hot sauna and a steak with corn and salad.

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How has everyone else’s vacation gone so far? I’m making the most out of these little weekend trips and hangouts with friends in the midst of my summer work.

Traveling in Scotland Part 2: Edinburgh

Here’s the long overdue second part of my Scotland trip 😀 This is dedicated to our day trip to Edinburgh, which was absolutely brilliant. We started by visiting the National Museum of Scotland (YAY for free museums!) and by shopping, of course!

For lunch we chose the Elephant House, which Potter fans might well know – it’s the birthplace of Harry Potter, and J.K. Rowling wrote Potters while sitting in that particular café. They had really great food and, especially, absolutely brilliant carrot soup.

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We also somehow ended up both into a Christian festival and a rock concert organized by Hard Rock Cafe. Slightly random but I guess adventures are part of vacation 😀 At the end of the day we had dinner at Bella Italia and below you can see my completely delicious pasta carbonara. My mouth starts to water just thinking about it…

IMG_5807   20140518_181034  20140518_180948

All in all, the trip to Scotland was wonderful and I hope to visit again sometime! Also, the weather agrees with me because my skin burns easily. And huge thanks to my friend for putting up with me the entire time 😀

Traveling in Scotland Part 1

IMG_5670  IMG_5537

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I recently went to Scotland for a week: I stayed with my friend in Aberdeen and I even attended a few of her English lectures at the University of Aberdeen. We also visited the beach, which was nice in spite of the cold and wind!

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The university buildings are absolutely gorgeous; in fact, I loved the architecture there in general! Everything is either quaint and charming, or majestic and reminiscent of Hogwarts!

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On my first whole day there (traveling day does NOT count) we had to have proper afternoon tea with scones and sandwiches, which happened to be absolutely delicious. We also did some major shopping and sight-seeing (although the sight-seeing was mostly my friend saying “This is an important building! And so is this!”).

IMG_5643 IMG_5599 IMG_5588

In addition to spending most of our days in Aberdeen, we visited Stonehaven – a lovely little village/town a short train ride away from the center of Aberdeen. The famous Dunnottar castle is located there, a few mile long hike from the harbor of Stonehaven.

IMG_5600  IMG_5583IMG_5598  dunnottar castle

Even my friend, who suffers from a fear of heights, managed to walk to the castle with me, which was great because the view was breathtaking – it was Scotland at its finest: green moors and castle ruins!

Stay tuned for more photos from my trip later this week!

Cruisin’ on a Restaurant Boat


We were celebrating my boyfriend’s mom’s birthday a few days ago and she works on this lovely restaurant boat called m/s Doris so naturally we had the celebration there. I’ve had the privilege to eat there a few times before and they have probably the best foods I have ever tasted. This time I had the most amazing and creamy chanterelle soup for starters, then I chose the salmon with lobster sauce as the main course, and we had an incredible chocolate cake as dessert.


The boat does a cruise around the main islands on the coast of Helsinki, and even though it was raining, it was really lovely seeing all the old buildings and islands. It’s rare to be able to see the place you live in new ways, because it’s an everyday experience for you – but this cruise always makes me appreciate Helsinki a bit more.

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There’s more information on the boat and the services on the company’s website.

My Travels Around the World: Italy

I don’t know if you remember but I absolutely love traveling. As I was cleaning my files on my computer I also dug up a few old pictures from my trip to Italy. I miss it so much – I hope I get to go there again one day!

Italia 431     Italia 396

Italia 700     Italia 702

Italia 018     Italia 513

Trip to England Part 2

After the London part of my study trip we headed to Stratford where we ended up seeing four different plays (all of them amazing). There I also got to see the fabulous David Tennant – drooool – I think I got way over excited but really — can you blame me?


It was strange to be in a town where the stores close already around 4 pm. After the first few days we had explored the whole town and didn’t have much else to do except to eat dinner at a pub (which was closer to our student budget than any proper restaurant) and wait for the theater performance to start. It was a lovely trip nonetheless, and we even managed to snap pictures with a few actors on our last evening there.    1

Our last day in England was spent at the Warwick castle – and getting scared in a tower (or more specifically, getting scared while walking the stairs inside one of the towers)…This was because of a fire alarm and an announcement to empty the premises immediately. Luckily we were allowed back inside soon enough and the trip wasn’t a total bust.

And now I can start saving up for my next trip!

Trip to England Part 1

I recently went to England for a study trip with a group from my university and I thought I’d share some memories from the first part of the trip which took place in London. After the three days that we spent in London we took a bus to Stratford and did a Shakespeare and theater -course while living in a cute little b&b. I’ll make a post about that later as well.

In London we had a relatively free schedule, which enabled me to meet my friend and hit the Harry Potter studios…and it was brilliant! I loved every bit of it – all the props, sets, and costumes looked fabulous. I think my favorite part was seeing Luna’s costumes and Umbridge’s office.
In addition to Harry Potter studios I managed to do some shopping, a trip to a museum, and see three Shakespeare plays. The plays were amazing, especially Macbeth and Midsummer night’s dream, which we saw at the Globe theater. I don’t think I’ve ever understood or appreciated Shakespeare so well.

oxford street    underground

me and a harry potter bus    3750c22b-ad74-4b93-b889-206c0e15ad66

I realized during these days how much I had missed the busy streets, the friendly people and, of course, the drool-worthy accent since my last trip to London.

All in all, the first part of the trip was —-